Notis Sfakianakis - Genethlia (Γενέθλια) (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


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On the trails of longing
by the bridge of sighs
my mother gave birth to me
On an autumnal night
Life - my eyes saw your cold heart
With plastic rattles
Pretty and colorful
They lulled me
And my little eyes
Saw the world's goods
and agreed
My milk was bitter
and my water brackish
that I was raised on
And opposite my swing
the destiny, the thuggery of mine
admired me
My cry was hazy
as if there was something I wanted to say
but they didn't feel for me
A despairing breath
for the whore of a life
that they incurred for me
And so I set off then, so I set off
they didn't ask me, life, but I got used to you
Like a wounded eagle in the dirt
I seek the strength to hold up still
And so I set off then, so I set off
but they showed me one thing and I perceived another
God, even if I knew which day I will die on
I'd make my day of death into a birthday
On the sludges and the nails
in the unjust fires of this world I first walked
Steady balance
To make it on time for life
As I stepped
Only "a" and "h"
in my school days
did I first pronounce
That's why this "agh" and this"why"
Follow me wherever I go
Even though I've turned thirty
Thus the time passed
and I, on my road, stooping
Created dreams
I turned out to be one of those
who swim in the foams
and muddy waters
The soul's blood drips
like the drops of rain
but who is bothered?
And the invisible wound
That bleeds within me
- who shares it?
And so I set off then...
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Genethlia (Γενέθλια)