Giacomo Puccini - Quando men vo


Quando men vo

Quando men vo,
Quando men vo soletta per la via
la gente sosta e mira...
e la bellezza mia tutta ricerca in me,
ricerca in me
da capo a piè.
Ed assaporo allor la bramosia
sottil che dagli occhi traspira
e dai palesi vezzi intender sa
alle occulte beltà.
Così l’effluvio del desìo tutta m'aggira,
felice mi fa!
E tu che sai, che memori e ti struggi,
da me tanto rifuggi?
So ben:
le angoscie tue non le vuoi dir,
non le vuoi dir, so ben,
ma ti senti morir!
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I correct "men vo", according the oroginal text , after having read this discussion about in this forum of "Accademia della Crusca"'s former members.

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michealtmichealt    нед., 01/07/2018 - 16:16

Transcription error: first line "me'n" should be "me n'" (it's an abbreviation of "me ne").

MichaelNaMichaelNa    нед., 01/07/2018 - 16:36

Actually it should be "Quando me n'vò"; the same goes for the second line.

DarkJoshuaDarkJoshua    нед., 01/07/2018 - 16:43

Pardon my intrusion, but it's neither. "Me'n" is indeed an abbreviation for "me ne", but can't be abbreviated to "me n", as a single consonant can't be a word in Italian. I would rather write it as "me n' " where the apostrophe indicates a missing vowel, but I often saw this expression written as "m'en" in Old Italian texts. As for "vo", it can't have neither an apostrophe nor an accent.

michealtmichealt    нед., 01/07/2018 - 16:48

That's an impressively fast response, Sophia!

But not quite correct, it needs an apostrophe after the "n". (that's why I typed "me n'" - aingle apostrophe before the closing quote.) And probably the title should be changed too (as it's those first four words of teh aria).

Also, I've never seen "vo" with an apostrophe, but as it is non-standard Italian (I think the standard is "vado", insofar as there is a standard) I;ve no idea whether it should have one (the word isn't in any of the Italian textbooks I've seen). And I only remember "me n' " because I once produced a (very amateur) concert performance of La Bohème (long ago, in the early 60s). I think the singer scores I hired then had just "vo" in that line, but I'm not sure.

Probably best to go with what MichaelNa suggests. His Italian is a lot better than mine, as can be seen from his translations to and from the language.

MichaelNaMichaelNa    нед., 01/07/2018 - 17:02

The accent on "vo" was because of the copy and paste and I agree that it is not necessary but the apostrophe in between is necessary because of the truncated "ne". As far as the old Italian, it was obviously incorrect so why divulge it as it has been done in many existing examples.
For "vo" here is another usage:à-lyrics... but it is still an antiquated usage. Today nobody uses it, unless it's to sound studious.