God Bless You

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Meanings of "God Bless You"


live long

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Never knew God's blessing is so limited, not open-ended, are you sure ? The lyrics shown here do not say anything about the scope of blessing. Could we have some native speaker's opinion? Even Vulcans give you more: "live long and prosper" :-) So far as I know, originally (and even today) it was said to somebody after a sneeze to help him get better, toget God's help to overcome the disease. In Polish/Russian you say after a sneeze "To your health". I think in English it's "God bless you" - just open-ended blessing. - IsraelWu преди 3 месеца

„God Bless You“ в текстове на песни

Myriam Fares - Stand up

All the beauty and sympathy of the Universe is in your hands.

Come on, come on, come on! Beautiful! Moon! God bless you!
Show me your beauty. Come on, you, girl!

Joseph Attieh - life of honey

When you wear the gold on your hand it start to be more precious

God bless you and do not leave me
whole of my life between your hand

Carmen Soliman - God bless you for my heart

What would I dream or ask for, you're so much for me

May God bless you for my heart, to be with me all the time
Wheneve I hear about you, I realize I chose right

Tamer Hosny - God Bless You


god bless you
you're more precious than my eyes

Jacques Brel - Jacky's song

Even if they call me God the Father
The one who's in the phone book
Between Dieulefit* and God bless you
Even if I grow a beard

Hussein al Deek - promise is promise

i give you all my life, i put all my hopes on you.
stay in love with me stay , all your life .god bless you.

Ana Gabriel - What a Way to Lose

You leave and I go away
At losing you I'm winning
Go away and see what you can find and God bless you

Tamer Hosny - When You are With me

Let's go!

May God bless you
and keep you safe for me

Simply Red - You Make Me Feel Brand New

Make me feel brand new

God bless you
You make me feel brand new

Barış Manço - Mint Lemon Rind

ha ha ha ha ha a heal-all is coming, be patient pretty
ha ha ha ha ha atishoo
God bless you
You too

Tamer Hosny - 180 degree

it's the end about what between us. it has been changed a 180 degree
and I will never betray
god bless you go away my girl. I'm very satisfied with my love
I will never repeat my fault or anything said to her

State Songs of the USA - Texas, Our Texas

That you may grow in power and worth,
throughout the ages long.
God bless you Texas!
And keep you brave and strong,

Gims - holy man

you're not falling back, coward
you left me in the fog
god bless you, all that's of this world
house full of money, that's also of this world

Kat Dahlia - Gangsta en español

My mom on the sofa
Sleeping all day and then working
God bless you, mom
I smoke a blunt to remember

Celia Cruz - Your Voice

Celia and Vicente -
God bless you my good, your grace and your being that make me dream

Nelson Ned - Happy Birthday My Darling

Happy birthday to you my love!
I do not know where you are now.
May God bless you now
only God knows where you are.

Bobby Vinton - Roses are Red

Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet, my love.
Good luck, may God bless you."

Sean Paul - Bad Love

A pure badness me use and run weh the sadness
Love how mi trod, yes she love off the madness
Sey mi god bless, you don' know what's next
Tear off di clothes and you don' know mad sex

Gülşen - God Bless You

I am in love, admire any tiny little part of you
I couldn't dare to look at your face
God bless you, all the world lay to your knees

Russian Folk - Goodbye, Uman village

The sun has already set down behind the hill,
And the nightingale is not singing.
Goodbye, cossack girl, God bless you,
It's time to ride a horse.