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Imagine a man and his eyes watery;
No, don’t misunderstand; this is not a love song.
I don’t want it; I mustn’t cross the lines in this poem of mine, or be rude towards you,
I am leaving tonight, all broken, farewell my lady, even though it breaks your glamorous heart.
For me, having a window was a dull dream, but you, may your wall be all windows.
Forgive me, if my stinky filthy wounds and my gloomy sobs hurt you.
But, no more; no more my intrusive sobs will break through your glassy silence and, and invade stillness of stream of your thoughts;
I awaited so much; that you might come, in that flowery dress of yours,
And beguile me into a hope that you may come on my departure to say goodbye, that we may see each other again.
But it was meaningless; you were fast asleep, the cry of our memories would never wake you up.
I’ve heard you’re fasting, that you stopped drinking up ballads, may this last ballad be for you to break your fast.
Broken I go, and take green memories of you as a souvenir.
I am wandering around; my only friend is this melancholic path,
I got nothing left, but this simple love.
All the lips/ mouths are appreciating you, you who were born without lips/mouth, you cruel!
All the hands are clinging to you, begging at your feet; the last answer to a hopeless craving;
You are the interpretation to a dream of a worn out mind, the last way to salvation, dead-end though.
You are that weak echo, that is unique,
You are the unification of all endless agonies.
I got disintegrated in your name, encounter me in another death.
In your absence, this poem’s blood clots,
In your absence, the last descendant of the troubadours is mutilated.
Wish me well, on my sad departure, repeat all the rhymes in your mind over and over again,
Let me dwell in your eyes, let my humble name be stuttered by your mouth,
For me who has suffered so much from this love, there is just one thing left to say: goodbye.
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