haret el saqayeen (حارة السقايين) (превод на Английски)


haret el saqayeen

يا ليلي يا يا يا يا عيني
to whom to whom to whom?
to whom ,oh mister know-it-all?
to whom are you selling love?
if you came to sing
go first and ask who i am
don't go sell the water in the waterers neigborhood*
you have many victims in love
saying novels about you
they say that you write seven songs in one night
and the same lyrics at one night
و تروح تاني يوم و تقولها بحنان و دموع و اهات
روح اسأل انا مين
ما تروحش تبيع الماية
there is turning on and back
there is still no time oh my soul
for complaint and abandonment
you have an entire past history
that can't be trusted in love
and i seek for love and nostalgia
not a love that leads you to blaming
i never love a betrayer
nor i love the liars
don't go sell the water in the waterers neigborhood
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haret el saqayeen (حارة السقايين)

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