Hello (превод на Английски)

  • Изпълнител: BoA (보아)
  • Песен: Hello


Hello, it’s been a while
Hello, how have you been?
Understand me for not protecting you
Hello, I am a bit tired
Hello, sometimes it hurts so much
The scars formed like it was nothing
It even hurt you
Even if no one in the world understands me
My heart opens its ears to your smallest sounds
Time always passes and it will be okay
Things will pass, I tell myself but again again
Every moment I feel you
I am holding onto you
Every day, every day
I endured with that alone
Every moment I need you
Even if I push you away
Every time, every time
Will you hold onto me once more?
Please hold me again
Hello, I’m getting used to it
Hello, I’m just getting indifferent
Becoming soft but strong is all about enduring
Hello, just remember one thing
Hello, I’m nothing without you
Only you, I put everything else down
The one and only I can lean on
Even if no one in the world tries to know me
If only you believe in me, it’s good, my heart
If I cross the river of heartache, I’ll get farther away from you
I’ll smile in sadness, again again
Everyone is walking in the same time at the same pace
But to some it feels long, to some it feels short
The darkness of the end will come to me in one moment
But I’m not afraid as long as I’m living and breathing
Just like this, please hold me again
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BoA: Топ 3
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