High time

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Meanings of "High time"


Its time that something were done. It implies that it is well overdue.
High time (high noon) comes from the part of the day when the sun was highest and warmest. From Shakespeare's, "Comedy Of Errors".

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ήρθε η ώρα

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настало время, самое время, давно пора

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„High time“ в текстове на песни

Kaspiyskiy Gruz - As Soon As You Get In, Text Me

As soon as you get in, text me to soothe my soul

It's high time for us, no fussing
Throw over your jacket, pick your bag

Czesław Niemen - Strange is this world

No! No! No!
The time has come,
it's high time
to destroy the hatred within.

Proekt Zhit - Live

No ifs, no noes
Depression drowns you like an anchor
It's high time to change everything, everything's settled
I've made myself, you're no worse

Yannick Noah - To the Trees Citizens

Since we must change things
To the trees citizens!
It is high time we propose
A world for tomorrow!

Jacek Kaczmarski - Walls

He lent them strength with his song, he sung that it was almost dawning.
They lit thousands candles for him, smoke was rising over their heads,
Singing it would be high time, that the wall should fall...
They sang together with him:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (OGST) - Ragnar The Red

"Oh, you talk and you lie and you drink all our mead!
Now I think it's high time that you lie down and bleed!"

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - This Is Halloween!

And fall onto your head, like the first snow
At this Halloween all the torches will start to smoke
It's a high time
For a main hero of the show:

Rainhard Fendrich - I Am From Austria

Your high time has long gone by,
and you've also already gone through hell,
not much is left from fame and glory,
tell me, who still tips their hat off to you,

Runrig - The Dungeon

We, Gaels in bed
We, Gaels in sleep
It's high time we arose from this lethargy

Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

Don't love you

It's high time now, just one crack at life
Who wants to live in trouble and strife

Megaherz - Free flight

Because the end is not far

It's high time, now I have to go
We will soon see each other again

Jürgen Drews - A Bed In A Cornfield

And so it came that she lost track of time,
With my guitar I told her about my life
And suddenly she shouted : 'It's high time!
It's dark already and my way home is so long.'

Zaho - Like every night

My love, my love
It's high time that we say it to one another
That we free ourselves, that we free ourselves

David Gray - This Year's Love

This year's love had better last
Heaven knows it's high time
And I've been waiting on my own too long

Czesław Niemen - This World is Strange

No, no, no!
The time has come
It’s high time
To destroy the hatred within us

Benjamin Biolay - Little Darlin'

Without going into
Too many details,
It is high time
For me to go

Elisabeth das Musical - Like you

It's high time!

The Elder Scrolls - Ragnar the Red

And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade as he told of bold battles and gold he had made!
But then he went quiet did Ragnar the Red when he met the shield-maiden Mathilda who said,
"Oh you talk, and you lie, and you drink all our mead! Now I think it's high time that you lie down and bleed!"
So then came the clashing and slashing of steel, as the brave lass Mathilda charged in full of zeal!

Elisabeth das Musical - Milk

High time!

Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygen

Love is like oxygen
You get too much you get too high
Not enough and you're gonna die