Hijo de la Luna (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Moon's child

Dumb be that who doesn't understand
a legend says
that a gypsy woman
casted the moon until sunrise
crying she begged
that when the day arrives
she would marry a man
You will have your child you dark skin woman
from the sky spoke the full moon
but in exchange i want
the first-born son
that you get impregnated by him
to whom his son immolates
to be not alone
not much she would love him
Moon you want to be a mother
but you don't find love
that makes you a woman
tell me moon made of silver
what do you pretend to do
with a son made of skin
Moon's Child
Of father with cinnamon skin a kid was born
whit as ermine's body
with gray eyes
kid albino of moon
damn his stamp
this kid is from a foreigner
and i don't shut up about it
Gypsy believing he was dishonored
went to his wife, knife in hand
from whose this child is from?
you have cheated me for sure
and a death wound he inflicted
the he went to the hill
with the kid in his arms
and there he left him
And in the nights that there's fool moon
it is because kid is in good mood
and if the kid cries
the moon will wane
to make him a crib
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Hijo de la Luna

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