Hymne à l'amour (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски (metered, поетичен)

Ode to love

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The blue sky over us may tumble.
And the Earth may well crumble.
I don't care if you love me,
I don't care about whole World.
As long as love floods my mornings
That my body quivers under your hands
I don't care about problems
My sweet love, since you love me
I could go to the end of World,
I'd get myself dyed blonde,
If you asked it to me.
I could go unhook the moon,*
I could go steal the fortune,
If you asked it to me.
I could deny my homeland,
I could deny my own friends,
If you asked it to me.
They can all make fun of me,
I'd be able do all the things
That you wanna ask of me.
If one day, life tears you away from me,
If you die, which you was far from me,
I don't care if you love me,
Cause I, I wanna die too.
Just for us, eternity will open,
In the blue of all immensity,
In Heaven, no more trouble.
My love, do you think we're in love?
God unites those who are in love ...
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Това е поетичен превод – възможни са отклонения от оригиналния текст (допълнителни или изпуснати думи или информация, заместване на една дума с друга).
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Коментар от качилия текста:

*Décrocher la Lune" (Unhook the Moon") is a typically old French popular expression that could be translated into English as "get the Moon" (do something impossible, be able of all for someone). But I preferred to translate this so colorful expression in its "original juice" which is more meaningful.


Hymne à l'amour

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