lead on

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Идиоматични преводи на „lead on“

string along
Lead (one) (on) a merry dance
Lead (one) down the garden path
Konduki je la nazo
להוליך שולל
درِ باغِ سبز نشان دادن
Водить за нос
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Meanings of "lead on"


to encourage someone to do something or to expect something, especially by lying to them or promising them something that they cannot have

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„lead on“ в текстове на песни

Mozart! (Musical) - How do you get rid of your shadow?

Fear, which robs me of breath,
Lead on my shoulders,
Silence, which asks me questions

Basta - Urban

Where we meet the last dawn
Under the weight of the lead dome
On the streets of Urbana

Donna Taggart - Guiding Light

You're my guiding light

So lead me on and lead me strong
Like this road I walk on

Ana Belén - Spain, white shirt

Spain, white shirt of my hope,
the black sorrow threatens us,
sorrow leaves lead on the wings.
I would like to put my shoulder and I put words

Marion Aunor - Lead On

hoh oh
You presume he/she loves you
Don't you ever count on (the promises of) a Lead On
hoh oh

Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut - I've Cheated.

You was right, I didn't leave anything that I could do behind you.
I did it. I didn't even think for one time, however I haven't be duped.
I've lead on you, I didn't even look at your face when I was saying that I love you.

Pavel Bobek - Lead me on, my road

Lead me on, my road.
Lead me on, my road.
Lead me on, my road.

Nautilus Pompilius - Casanova

Imitating the lead of the neighbors' peep holes,
You are shamefully spying on your own naked body.
But you don't see the fetters from lead on your loins,
Even though you can even notice black in white color.

Elvis Presley - Precious Lord Take My Hand

Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home.

Aleyna Tilki - It were you at least

If you are looking for love, so by the most private
it's different then (the situation changes)
All the doors will be opened, (after you lead on) go ahead pls

Leopold Staff - To love and to lose...

To love and to lose, to desire and to regret,
to fall painfully and to rise again,
to shout at an yearning ”go away” and to pray ”lead on!”
This is the life: nothing, yet so plenty...

Plastic Bertrand - Love, love

This is what is advancing, oh what deliverance

Lead on, that is the right direction
It is time to reinflate the balloons

SDP - Not a Word!

And the city seems so small.
They pull you down like gravity
as if there was lead on your legs.
But you shake them off, because it's high time

Dotmir Naze - Kurdish boy

Ignore what's already passed
Come and take my hand, lo
To lead on the dance

Topu - Anklet

[Female lead]
Anklet on one leg,
the other leg empty
the sea at one side

Mascha Kaléko - The man in the moon

for boy and girl, man and woman

Also dreams, that lead on trips
in the distance, adventurous.

Three Days Grace - Painkiller

Now I'm gonna give you what you need
'Cause I know what you feed on and what you lean on
And what you lead on

Assia - She's yours

Acts like a man, so young, though so strong
No one (there) so that she'll understand, that she's's dragging herself
That, despite herself, she's lead on a wrong path

The Weeknd - Sidewalks

And they don't let me down
But they lead me on
And they lead me on