Igazi Tűz (превод на Английски)

превод на АнглийскиАнглийски

True fire

Among snow-covered tombs
I'm seeking words of days gone by.
Some departed, some gave up
but others carried on, maybe for them too.
Words became songs, voices became chants,
tears turned into smiles, faint memories
again and again, on and on, up, set out
to keep carrying years we shared.
It might have been a dream and remained a dream,
true fire, maybe flames of tales.
See, tears well up in my eyes
and now its voice is fading away
In the midst of gorges and mountain ranges
until our souls find a new path
to fly up to the sky like a breeze,
like a sad bird fearing for its treasure.
Someday, somewhere, in a dream maybe,
on the lake of our tears we never shed
sad memory will come to an end,
having forgotten the long years,
in the soft song of our shared world
together again, in the words of our chant
recounting Fate, life,
everything I would like to say to you.
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