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Текст на „Out of Time“

  • Изпълнител/група: Illustrator
  • Албум: Illustrator (1987)

Out of Time

The seconds keep slipping away
But you won't open your eyes to see
That time is closing in on you
Can't you sense the urgency
The games you've played with your life
You say you're coming to an end
But today's gone by and tomorrow's here
And still you're playing those games again
Don't you know you're running out of time
out of time
Don't you know you're running out of time
out of time
His spirit won't call forever
You're running out of time
Your life won't last forever
And time won't wait for you
It just keeps on sliding by
To stop it there's nothing you can do
And every time you push Him off
It's another chance you've lost
You can live you life without Him
But hell's the final cost
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By - Nathan Gaub
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