Ir tikai tveice (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

There’s Only A Scorching Heat

There’s only a scorching heat with a smokey glow,
and countless shadows fall into pieces and fade out.
I write words on a dusty window,
I’m coming to ask for your forgiveness.
The dust rises and the sand soars under your feet.
The words on the window quickly disappear.
It’s because I’ve lost my way home
that I’m coming to ask for your forgiveness.
I don’t have any water. There are only words
that would not refresh me in this scorching heat,
that look for the gates made of wild orchids
and don’t know another way of quenching the thirst.
Maybe that’s why your lips are silent,
and only calm and dust reign all around.
It’s because each of us stands on one’s side of the road
that I’m coming to ask for your forgiveness.
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Many thanks to the translators into French and Russian for their translations that I have used as a reference.


Ir tikai tveice

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