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伊豆の踊子 (Izu no odoriko) (превод на английски)


通り雨往く 峠の茶屋に
晴れて道連れ 旅の空
可愛い踊子 太鼓を提げて
歩く道すじ 白い花
今日の泊まりは いで湯の宿か
白い湯舟に 染まる肌
可愛い踊子 お座敷めぐり
三味と太鼓の 障子窓
恋と呼ぶには まだ幼なさが
残る黒髪 薄化粧
可愛い踊子 小首をかしげ
笑う眼もとの 恥ずかしさ
舟は出てゆく 下田の浜を
またの逢う日は 来るのやら
可愛い踊子 うち振る指に
こぼす涙も 紅の色
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The Izu Dancer

A shower goes to the tea house in the mountain pass
When it clears, the travel sky will come with me
A cute dancer carrying her drum
Walks though a path of white flowers
Will I stay tonight in an inn with hot springs?
My skin dyes in the white bathtub
A cute dancer goes by the tatami room
I see her on the window playing drums and shamisen
It's still childish to call it love
In her black hair remains light makeup
A cute dancer bows her head to a side
I'm embarrassed by the expression of her laughing eyes
The boat leaves by the Shinoda beach
I'm not sure if the day I meet her again will come
A cute dancer while she waves her hand
Spills red tears on her fingers

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