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I love you

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Agreed, there were
Other ways of parting
A few splinters of glass
Might perhaps have helped us
In this bitter silence
I decided to forgive
The mistakes we can make
When loving each other too much
Agreed, the little girl
In me often called for you
Almost like a mother
You tucked me in, protected me
I stole from you this blood
That shouldn’t have been shared
At the end of my words, of my dreams
I am going to shout
I love you, I love you
Like a lunatic, like a soldier
Like a movie star
I love you, I love you
Like a wolf, like a king
Like a man which I am not
You see, that’s how I love you
Agreed, I confided in you
All my smiles, all my secrets
Even those only a brother
Is the undisclosed guardian
In this house of stone
Satan watched us dancing
I so much wanted war
Of bodies that made peace with each other
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Je t'aime

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