Je veux l'aventure (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

I Want Adventure

A little apple, a little milk, a little bread
A little fear of the death of the soul
A little hunger, a little good, a little dish
a little fear of the death of the soul
A little debate, a little fight, a little quarrel
where we're from, it's not normal
A little shouting, a little breaking, a little prayer, it's life, day after day
A little slap, a few tears
a little shouting, a little fear of the death of the soul
A little bread, a little end
A little taste, a few grains that I gather
A little time, a little crisis
a little shock, a few memories to keep
A little wine, a little crack, a little rum, a few expected fairy tales
To believe, to walk, to hope for everything, it's not easy
To walk, to move forward, not to cry- it's impossible
To play, to forget everything, not to bother anyone, to prove to myself that
What i'm looking for adventure, it's everywhere
it's not hiding and it doesn't fade away as i look at it
as i walk towards it
A little good, a little yes,
a little no, a little in the pocket
A little singing, a little verse
a little rhythm, a few words to share
A little rage, a few phrases
a little quest, a little loss i'll regret
A few courses, a little momentum
A little tint, a few madmen I fear
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there are a few place i feel like i missed something cause it didn't make sense translated? so i guess if you catch that let me know


Je veux l'aventure

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