Jeg har aldri sett elg (превод на Английски)

Поискал/а предложения за корекция
превод на Английски

I have never seen moose

Perhaps I should have travelled around the whole world
With only a bag on my back
Crossed deserts and seas
And climbed other mountains than Galdhøpiggen
But for me, Norway is enough
Big and beautiful and full of much
I hope to get to see
From high mountains to small towns
Deep forests and blue lagoons
Wide mountain plains and steep gorges
Stave churches and graveyards and community gardens
And I have never seen moose
Perhaps I should have lived in Japan for a little bit
And become familiar with those who live there
Lived among lions on the savannah
Or travelled far into the rainforest
Where there are strange trees and plants
But also sharks, cheetahs and panthers
Then I'd rather stay here
Where there are sheep and horses and seagulls
Sun and rain and snow and fog
And I want to see Prekestolen
Lofoten, Hardanger, Oscarshall
And I have never seen moose
Perhaps I should have travelled far away from my family for a while
But I love them so very much, so I see no reason
This is where I really belong
And that I can never forget
When I travel away
From my bed and duvet and pillow
There's no better place to sleep out there
So, thanks, I'll stay here in Oslo
Marka* is exotic enough for me
Maybe there I can see moose
Пуснато от hollowapology в Съб, 06/10/2018 - 21:22
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* 'Marka' refers to the forested, hilly areas surrounding Oslo.

Авторът на този превод е поискал "Предложения за корекция".
Това означава, че той/тя ще се радва да получи корекции, предложения и т.н. относно превода.
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