Junge mit Charakter (превод на английски)

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Boy With Character

Look around, everything you see is your problem
It's not my fault that things went wrong in your life
It all began at that time- rapping with Anis - presenting rap
But you- my mentor suddenly began competitive thinking
I've never understood why you were so anxious?
We would've easily been able to match anybody, CCN infinitely
I accepted it, you were not a leader
You swaped our dreams for some clan brothers
You were the one that betrayed me, but called me "Flertrayer"
Already trusting you has been a huge mistake
And suddenly the gangsters are standing in front of my door
Right when I am dating my girlfriend
You are going too far, a girlfriend, she is divine
And that you're calling me a snitch now is quite embarrassing
If I was a Snitch, I would have reported Anis to the police
Do you still remember when we were on MTV?
I don't give a fuck, that is in the past
But I moved up like a phoenix from the ashes
With Beko, with Umut and a few doughs in the pocket
I took Silla away from Orgi, then there was SBM
Because "I Luv Money Records" simply wasn't efficient
Silla has talent, Silla can go places
He had to stop drinking, if he wouldn't wanna die of it.
I went to Groove Attack, I had a deal, he had a deal
I walk the talk while other rappers just talk a lot
Nobody wanted to give G-Hot a chance
Therefore I had to give G-Hot a chance
At that time they all were "walking the streets" to me
Such as MoTrip, Nicone and hundreds of other pissers
That was at that time when Beko went to the club
On the road together, I loved this clubbing thing
Then there was this argument and I had to decide
Had to decide between these two sides
You can imagine how many times I had to talk to the CID
They were telling me that the attack came from Bushido
I just said I would refuse to give evidence
And then I began to ran, alone on the main road
Then Bushido called me, wanted to be my brother again
Arafat wanted to sign me on Ersguterjunge
I said no, two albums and then I will keep moving
Sido dissed me, it became increasingly negative
I wanted to help, made some beats for Bushido
And Djorkaeff, he was so disloyal , such as Beatzarre
Suddenly it was so exhausting with Flizzy-Fler
And these "friends" were behaving as if they were busy
Then I took Gan-G and founded a label
He's also not the same today, because of Bushido
Then I took Reason as manager in Psalm Store
He wanted to be a rapper, I gave him his salery in advance
But he mugged me, I hired Umut
And is Nicone uploading anything on Youtube these days?
I don't give a fuck about the shit you are talking about.
There are a hundred thousands of bloodsuckers,
yeah and you're the worst of all
Little parasite, you're lookin handicapped
You're the junkie looking for a five euro bill in the Club
You were my driver, my Bimbo, my cup holder
You've got a daughter, but still doing lines until your retirement
You were bitching about Nicone till G-Hot
Nicone that Bitch, now ur driving a Fiat again
You know exactly what I've done for you
I will enslave you - Educational measure
And now to Animus - you have crashed on my couch
You're acting intellectually with your thousand fans
You're not a man of honor - Fame Bitch Animus
In Artemis you lolly won't shoot your load
I have placed you upright, I have tightened you up
But you little hustler-bitch deceived me then
You were never signed on Masculine, bitch
You're not a rocker, I fuck you alone bitch
I made mixtapes to support you
And in gratitude you are now slandering behind my back
I took you to Paris for a video shoot
You've never seen such a a life of luxury before
It came from the heart but you felt humbled
There was never anything at a discoun in the boutiques
Your Katja she knows how to blow this fat sod
She shows her weight around, even though noone needs needs this shit
Fuck Bruce, Produes and Boris
And Katja now makes Kit Kat and Bondage
I am rapping bout that so that everyone knows the truth now
You lazy pigs did never know what real work is
Now all the rats are coming out of the woodwork
Such as this Congo, which then distorts the truth in the network
In what kind of shit am I living here
No one has decency or honor anymore
I have 99 problems, because I do not talk to the LKA
And Bushido wanted to make CCN with custody
For you, CCN' is a bitch, you send it go hooking
Now all 'the German rapper are appearing, showing brotherhood
You all can go sucking cocks, your assholes are subway tunnels
I'll stay in Miami on the jet ski
Man it’s about time that this scene shows a little respect
I heard Farid doing holidays there now
You've already got kicks of Berliners
And can be sure it will happen again tomorrow
Farid was lucky finding this market niche .. Raps for Idiots, Hartz cripples
You want to fight? You better go shoot hoops
You are look like a pensioner after a stroke
And when I'm done with you, even a Tapout won’t help you
I keep on sticking carrots in your ass, until the Black Out
You call me son of a bitch? Then you don’t know my mother
I am splashing your bitch with my buttermilk
And this Toony really thinks he will make it tomorrow?
You just have to diss Fler, Farid has showed it before
You must be an actor, just like Felix Blume
Just like Felix Blume, a noble whore
You look like a child-fucker, fucking student
I dont give a fuck about you, your university and your 'fucked up lecturer
Look at you boy, you're just a gay Boss
Pushover, are you riding bicycle in the Tour de France?
You are all victims, only working out because Frank White
just rapping because of Frank White, but nobody is like Frank White
Since we are here, you are all bodybuilders
But you all have style, pimple-children on the party pictures
These rappers are tailored for this country here
Wannabe metropolis kiddies in the street-driveways
Your own 'fans are already your haters
Now you're rich kids and no longer the same ones
The number of my haters is my bank account
You're just a victim, Congo
Why nobody gets what rap is?
Or timing, or groove or what trap is?
Why am I the minority as a German?
Why gangster rappers are secretly making prank-buzzings at my doorbell?
Why are is there no real friends?
And why is he rebelling, this German?
Everyone wants to be a star, at any price
But noone knows what it means to "be a star" in real life
I made videos with bikers - Residenzstraße
A good back in Berlin is an existential question
Because after Bushido everyone must have a squat
You may ask Farid Bang
What do you want to tell me? I was alone all my life
Without back or some other shit
I am German, and I'll go the hard way
You' won’t see noone like me me on the street
Man, I'm glad it didn’t work out with us
But I dont give a shit, I'll stay the boy with character
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Junge mit Charakter

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