Just in case

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Meanings of "Just in case"


Take extra precautions in case of the worst; better safe than sorry

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На всякий случай; Будь в курсе насчёт этого.

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Ne olur ne olmaz

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„Just in case“ в текстове на песни

Ramon Ayala - Bitter Drinks

You left, and I don't know why
I know that you loved me and I know that you adored me
But just in case you want to come back
I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you

Mau y Ricky - On Mouth

I almost do not sleep
For watching my cell phone
Just in case you forgot
That you didn't want to call me

ONEWE - Regulus

and keep them?

Just in case I'm gone
and can't remember,

Ramon Ayala - Bitter Shots

You left and I don't know why,
I know you loved me and I know you adored me,
And just in case you want to return, I will wait. I will wait.

Guru Randhawa - Slowly Slowly

Always low-key like what
With one mami in the back and one mami in the front
Always keep them on their toes just in case they pull stunts
So mami slow down and feel it up ... water

Cardi B - Bodak Yellow

I used to live in the P's, now it's a crib with a gate
Rollie got charms, look like Frosted Flakes
Had to let these bitches know, just in case these hoes forgot
I just run and check the mail, another check from Mona Scott

Eminem - Rap God

To maybe try to help get some people through tough times
But I gotta keep a few punchlines
Just in case, 'cause even you unsigned
Rappers are hungry lookin' at me like it's lunchtime

Beret - I hope

That there is no person who should not have it, considering that we are circumstances we never chose to be
The confidence never came back with time, and the fruit of my life doesn't base on what I have
and if every instant could go in slow motion, just in case you would hesitate this time in the attempt
And if we understood that all of us are perfect, despite the blots that want to stain the painting

Tangled: The Series (OST) - Nothing Left to Lose

<strong>Cassandra:</strong> <em>You'll stay in that cage until this is done.
And, just in case you think of escaping...</em>

Mau y Ricky - The mouth (Remix)

And as much as I try I know that none will change you (Hmm)
I hardly even sleep to look at my cell phone
Just in case you forgot that you didn't want to call me (Oh-oh, oh-oh)

Billy Raffoul - Hell or High Water

Could be a memory
I've idolized, I've memorized your face
Just in case I need it to last for eternity
It's a shame that it ain't enough for me

Guru Randhawa - Slowly Slowly

With one mami in the back
And one mami in the front
Always keep them on their toes just in case they pull stunts
So mami slow down and feel it up... agua

J Balvin - I told you

and It was a pleasure to have you till the dawn
just in case I don't see you again (2x)

ChocQuibTown - To dance me

Also as she wishes, it is given to her
I'm ready, just in case you want more

EXO - Growl


Just in case another wolf looks at you
Because my girl is too perfect

52 Dębiec - That's us the Poles

If you want to put the blame on me, you can suck me
This is my burrow, I am a Pole and I've got a baseball bat,
Just in case something doesn't suit me.
Hey, we don't want any pedophiles or gays where we live

Offset - Clout

Run to the set, we in shape (Show)
If I go broke she gone leave, escape (She gone)
I put two mill in the safe just in case, don't go my way (no cap)
My kids gotta have money, not just me (Facts)

Antonis Remos - They Say

A little bit of heart into your body
A little bit of heart and just a drop of memory
Just a drop, just in case by chance,
You remember who you were

Camila Cabello - This Love

But when I'm back here in the middle
Losin' you I couldn't face, but to love you is worse
Waitin' for ya just in case one day it doesn't hurt, nah, nah, nah

Lartiste - Catchu

and from Paname to Bécaho
You've got the curves that lead to a Knock out
Quietly, quietly, just in case,
tonight, i won't be your bar