Kald feber (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Cold fever

An ice cold needle against burning skin
Karianne wants to talk to God
She shoots blue crystal into hot-pink blood
She has hunger in her body and feels large
She feels herself
She has a fever tonight
Karianne of an old nature
But her habits are cold culture
A sky-high heaven, she feels dizzy
She floats in the heights and lives tonight
She feels herself
She's on top, okay
Biology and modern chemistry
A trembling body that can never get enough
She shakes and falls and thinks she's flying
Karianne is a lust-hotel1
She dreams of a journey in an open tunnel
She wants to reflect herself
I think she'll freeze tonight
An ice cold needle against living skin
Karianne wants to make love with God
She has the world in the palm of her hand
She has the whole situation under control
She feels herself
She has a fever tonight
  • 1. I don't know if this has another meaning so I've just translated it literally
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Kald feber

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