Kegz - Devils

  • Изпълнител/група: Kegz ( Kegz)


How'd you make that face yeah,
the one that proves
where you were really hanging at
does it matter?
does he mind where im staying at?
does he like the couch and where i put the photos at?
no one has a real name
forged vowels
make them proper make them stand up straight
wash your hands
renew your own fate
do anything
or be your own devil
you will, you will,
mark up the tallies drawn
count the sides
see which one you land on
good or bad
everyone's a karmic debtor
a classic play
i need to learn to balance better
Tying your hair back
no left shoe
so its holding you back
want some help
but you just resist it
a promise made
with a string ----along with it
don't go makin no blood pacts
with the devil
you gotta keep your head
keep it level
everyone runs from devils they make
and everyone's got a truth
they can't face
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