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Текст на „Ghost“

  • Изпълнител/група: Kill Ebola
  • Албум: Angry Ai


Tatted queen on top of me and she ain't gotta carve now
Barred out sparked up drunk fuck throwing up
4 dros dunked in loco punch
Growing up slow enough
Whip look like snow on the bluff
Prone in dust scope jus' above your nostril now your postures fucked
And floating up to kingdoms come
Over sober leave you u frozen fucking soaked in cum
Front lobe dumber from the downers now im working numb
Stitch my smile up cus' life been losing all its fun
Steady pop till the coffin
Stop all the sobbin' the thoughts leave you rotten
Let them jus talk going ghost ain’t responding
Puny ass people jus' oculus
Im going ghost
Im going ghost
Im going ghost
Im going ghost
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Kill Ebola: Топ 3
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