la duena de la noche (превод на английски)

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The owner of the night

He arrived, I was sleeping
He approached to me in silence
He left a caress for me and he held me in his arms
When I felt his body around me, little by little I woke up
And all my fears faded away when he talked to me.
Don't worry, sweetheart, don't worry
Try to sleep, it's me, your loved one.
And I used to believe him
Until the day when without planning I found out everything was a lie.
All those caresses were not just for me, and all the words that he used to tell me,
I was the owner of the night, but she was the owner of the day.
And all the time that he never had for me, all that time he was laughing so hard at me,
I was the owner of the night but not of his life.
Everything was a lie, a lie...
Everything had already changed although he didn't know it
I was trying to forget, but it was helpless, there was no way.
It was so deep and so big, the love that I gave to him
That I couldn't get used to knowing that he cheated on me.
He arrived, I wasn't sleeping. I waited for him in silence
When he approached to hold me in his arms, I put an end to his life.
And they came looking for me, I've been here since that day
(And at night, right at bed time, I can still hear him calling me.)
Don't worry, sweetheart, don't worry.
Try to sleep, it's me, your loved one.
And I couldn't help laughing cause without planning in the end I found out
he hadn't lied to me.
All those caresses were only for me, everything was a invention from my mind
I was the owner of his life, and he was in the sky.
Then one morning I went out to look for him so we could be together like the first day
And when I found him he hold me in his arms and told me don't worry, sweetheart, don't worry.
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The sentence in brackets is said on the song, so I've translated it too.

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phantasmagoriaphantasmagoria    втор., 03/12/2013 - 05:01

"The owner of the night"? If I'm not mistaken, 'La dueña de la noche' would be translated 'The mistress of the night'.

ChantrisseChantrisse    пон., 28/04/2014 - 12:45

Sorry for the late reply, I've been away for a while Confused smile

Actually, "the owner of the night" is appropriate for both feminine and masculine. Maybe "mistress" would be a better fit, but since it has some connotations we all know about, I decided to use a more general noun Teeth smile