La nuit (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

At night

If I forget you during the day
I spend my nights cursing you
And when the moon withdraws
My soul is empty and my heart heavy
At night, you appear so huge to me
I reach out to seize you
But you delight
In jeering at my advances
At night, I go crazy, I go crazy
And then your laughter tears through the darkness
And I don't know where to seek anymore
When everything falls silent, I feel hopeful again
And get caught up in loving you again
Sometimes you come back transiently to me
And you call to taunt me
But every time, my blood freezes,
Your laughter dispels it all
At night, I go crazy, I go crazy
The daylight dispels your image
And you leave again, I don't know where
You go to the one keeping you in cage
The one who's gonna drive me insance
At night, I go crazy, I go crazy
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La nuit

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