Le bijoutier (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

The Jeweler

A normal end of the day, counting the till and locking up
Cautious, 20 years have netted two hold ups
Gold for fingers is my job
I stayed hadn’t there too long, before a scooter pulled up in front
It’s not even my scooter; I borrowed it from a friend
Anyway I didn’t even have the money to pass my permits
I approached the front of the shop, it’s not my first time
But it’s the first time that I had a gun in my hand
Then I stress,
“Hello, I will leave soon, I hope that you made the table”
A text to my girlfriend, tonight I am going to give her a ring
A part of the shadow hidden by the shutters
I am ready, I put on my gloves, my mask in place
I go in
He enters
“Excuse me sir, we’re closed”
I’m stuck, it’s too late he is pulling out a gun
“get on the floor, I’m going to clean out the till and your pockets
To say my mom believed in me in the hiring interview
I’m scared
I’m scared
And he also, when I think about it, he didn’t have the habits nor the attitude, his hand shook
“Take what you want from the money, or gold, but please be quick.”
“Shut up”
If he knew that the clip was empty
“I’m going to kill you”
Did the hunger for more change me into a monster
Like normal, I showed him the spot where the hidden watches are
It’s the time I shouldn’t let down, but I betray myself, the cops won’t miss me
Then I fight my demons, I break and stop, I can’t break the contract
I’m sorry at the end, but we all have our own problems
If it saves my family, I am ready to sacrifice my own
To get out of trouble, I don’t have the choice, I need a hefty sum
I don’t support those who order me and at the end there isn’t death of man
Now it’s two times he came to me to steal
Each time shaking but not moving
The future of those who get up quick is wasted by those who are slow to rise
Me, I don’t hold it against him, of course all of it was for the money
I had become tired of crawling late, the evening illuminated by the moon
We beast up the guys at the tobacco bar just yesterday
He wants his own, that he takes of the mask, I am looking for an intern
I’m still not going to let it go, let it spin, thank you, good evening
There, I show my guard Behind the counter
Soon, the end of the story, I fill the bag, I fill my head with dreams
The two handles of the drawer
“stop moving or I’ll shoot”
I leave
Then it’s all over like that
I almost follow it
With the half of my life’s purpose
It wasn’t so simple, finally the end of the hunger I didn’t have anymore
I take my gun, the ammo, and go out into the street
The scooter has barely started, not serious, I would have payed quickly
The vengeance opened my arms when he turned his back to me
This time it’s a bastard, I raise my arms and aim
Was it necessary? Not a gift, I ready my finger, I hesitate
I am going to buy a dog for my cousin, a car for my wife
I would even put all for my neighbor, and all quarter to journey
To new countryside’s, finish the problems, a parcel for my mom, a big check for my brother, a lot…
(gunshot and squeal of scooter)
I see him fall from the scooter, I see my reflection in the shop window
One ball, two men, but who is the victim?
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