Le temps des cathédrales (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

The Age of Cathedrals

This is a story that takes place
In fair Paris in the year of our Lord
Fourteen hundred eighty two
A story of love and of desire
We, the anonymous artists
Of sculpture and verse,
Will attempt to transcribe it for you
And for the centuries to come
The age of cathedrals has come
The world has entered
A new millennium
Man wanted to reach the stars
To write his story
In glass and in stone
Stone after stone, day after day
From century to century with love
He saw the towers rise
That he had built with his hands
The poets and the troubadours
Sang songs of love
That promised the human race
Better days to come
The age of cathedrals has gone
The hoard of barbarians
Storms the city gates
Let them in, these pagans, these vandals
The end of this world
Is predicted for the year 2000
Is predicted for the year 2000
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Le temps des cathédrales

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