Leave a mark

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Идиоматични преводи на „Leave a mark“

Make a mark
английски #1, #2, испански
Dejar una huella
Lasciare un segno
Spuren hinterlassen
Zostawić ślad
Оставить след
Остави траг
bir iz birakmak
Laisser une marque

Meanings of "Leave a mark"


It means to make an impact on something, to affect something, usually in a way which reflects the person's personality onto it.

"he will change it" ---> "he will leave a mark on it"

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ça laisse des marques, ça affecte quelqu'un ou quelque chose

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Significado es hacer un impacto. Literalmente es "dejar una marca".

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„Leave a mark“ в текстове на песни

Bad Bunny - RLNDT

I don't believe in horoscopes or in the stars
Tears don't leave a mark, that's why I don't leave a trace
Don't know whether to talk to God, or to the backplate

Buray - For real

From not know it
I had passed from your life
From not leave a mark
From not leave a word

Lauri Tähkä - Burning water

You are soft, you are like
Flowing water
You leave a mark into me
Although my surface is hard

S.Pri Noir - Just To See

[Couplet 2: S.Pri Noir]
I’m just a man, sometimes, I have fits, sometimes, I do nasty things
I, like everybody, had wild dreams, I wanted to leave a mark
But well, life, it’s never as you want it, never as you anticipated

Cairokee - we are afraid

we are afraid to talk then get hurt
and our words leave a mark and affect
we are afraid to go away then get lost

Timati - Rocket

I cross the pole, I slice through the vacuum
And my every new success will spread all over the country.
After all, I want to leave a mark
before I would blow up.

Reino Nordin - I Surrender

I promise to come search for you
And if everything collapses
You will leave a mark on my heart

Assala Nasri - The Memory Columns

Let's not make it out to be a drama
You won't matter for a thing to me
You won't even leave a mark

Dua Lipa - Want To

[Verse 2]
Some people do, but some they just like to talk, okay
Some shoot the breeze, but some like to leave a mark, okay
Some need the light, and some people like the dark, okay, yeah

Céline Dion - Ordinary

I'll think about giving up my place
I'll bid the world farewell, with class
Hoping to leave a mark
And to carve, for life, in your hearts

Izal - Little Great Revolution

May your ferocity leave a mark on me1
That will drive away my evil
And fend off beasts.

  • 1. This song makes heavy use of the expression "Que ...," which expresses a hope on the part of the speaker, and is essentially a shortened version of "Espero/Deseo que ..." which means "I hope/desire that ..." It is very common to omit any words preceding the que, with the resulting sentence being translated as "May ..."

Johnny Hallyday - Laura

I expected nothing from you, but a reason to be here
Just to leave a mark before leaving
Oh oh, but with your laughter and your arms

Giannis Haroulis - Oblivion's well

and the crazy man's caress.
You always wanted the kisses
that leave a mark.

The Shack (OST) - Keep Your Eyes On Me

To fall and break so easily
Ain't it just like love
To leave a mark on the skin and underneath
Yeah, when the pain goes and shadows everything

Team BS - Pride

I've experienced poverty, mum dabbled with a broom
I release my covered heart, too proud to open it completely
I came to leave a mark on my time, I'll leave like Bob Marley
If silence is golden, 50 minutes to talk to them

Mariza - Rain

and I lost, in the end

Some days leave a mark in the soul
and the life of people

Seafret - Loving You

[Verse 2]
This is bound to leave a mark
But I'll be proud to wear the scars

Assi El Hellani - Crazy Love

I don't want to pass by your heart & feel bored
I want my heart's love to leave a mark

Anna Tatangelo - I Know It Will End

I know it will end
But a song will always be there
As a memory of our love that will always leave a mark
For there to be no ending this must stop

Jelena Karleuša - Like

My love bullets
leave a mark on your body.
You know what turns me on-