(a) little bird told me

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العصفورة قالتلى
ציפור קטנה לחשה לי
Mon petit doigt m'a dit

Meanings of "(a) little bird told me"


I heard something (usually secretive or unknown) from someone (not named).

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ein Vögelchen hat mir gezwitschert...

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Сорока на хвосте принесла, слухами земля полнится (т.е. кто-то поделился с вами секретом, о котором нельзя говорить другим).

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"(a) little bird told..." в текстове на песни

Oxxxymiron - In a place without us

Sit straight - it's a dinner table, young lady.
Why are you so giddy headed, what's with the attitude, where are your manners?
A little bird told me someone wants to be a vice mayor.
Have some shame not to call your whores in front of the kids!

J Álvarez - Give me one night

We could travel without being necessary to fly
Listen, the night is young, it shines
A little bird told me that you like pills
Of two sizes, two colors

Hadise - Superman

Move over a little, our subject is rule violation
And I am naive enough to buy all of this(!)
While you were silent a little bird told me the news
We're human after all, I'm dissapointed but not surprised

Lene Lovich - Bird Song

A little bird told me, you were untrue...
Even though, I had faith in you...
I believe, the lying words
Of the sly little bird

Eddie Meduza - Wanna know if you

Everytime you pass me by, you wave and smile
And a little bird told me I've been on your mind
You keep asking my friedns about me all the time

Evelyn Knight - A little bird

A goldfish pond and a wishing well
Everything is gonna turn out well
A little bird told me we'd be happy
And I believe that it's true