Louise (превод на английски)

  • Изпълнител/група: Eisblume
  • Песен: Louise 18 превода
  • Преводи: английски #1, #2, #3, #4, гръцки, индонезийски, испански, италиански, китайски 9 more
превод на английскианглийски


Версии: #1#2#3#4
They were in love
And still almost children
The eternity far away and yet so close
He held her picture
In his soul
No one's gonna understand,
What happened then at the sea
Louise - my heart
You are so beautiful
The roses want to wither when they see you
Louise - my heart
You got to understand
Only without you our love will last
Time runs out
Leaves are falling
Night sneaks up,
Day without return
A shadow approaches
Obscures the whole world,
Wipes out your steps,
Takes you with it,
Louise - my heart
Where are you going?
The water carries us now into the morning light
Louise - so cold
And it becomes silent
Fondled by the eternity of the moment
It is here
It is here
Louise - my heart
Forgive me not
The world halts
Doesn't want to keep rotating
Louise - and still
You are to blame
I let you go
But you won't leave me
Waves over me
Greedily reaching out for us
No word, no path takes you back
Louise - my heart
Come to rest
With my tears we tug ourselves in
Me and you
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