Make it big

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Идиоматични преводи на „Make it big“

to make a splash
Make the big time
κάνω μπαμ
Avere un enorme successo
einen Bombenerfolg haben
napraviti bum
faire un carton
लठ गाढ़ देना
хинди #1, #2, #3

Meanings of "Make it big"


Achieve great success

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добиться большого успеха в чём-л.

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„Make it big“ в текстове на песни

Ben Fero - Demet Akalın

I love mini bar with Hennessy in it (mini bar)
There's someone new breed in Turkish Rap (skrrt, akrrt)
She said ''Make it big, I don't like minimal'' (bi)
I said ''well done to you. How polite this girl is?'' (bitch)

Samanta Karavella - Where you left it

Don't trick me

I don't want to make it big
When you have the ring call me

Shin Jimin - Puss

imma make her super star man
cuz im a motherfuking top man
Didn’t know I’d make it big huh?
Thought I’d lose pretty fast, shocked you all huh?

Ed Sheeran - Remember The Name

Yeah, I was born a misfit
Grew up 10 miles from the town of Ipswich
Wanted to make it big, I wished it to existence
I never was a sick kid, always dismissed quick

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Outro: Circle Room Cypher

It's been a while, we're going straight on with cypher,
let's make it big, shall we?

Ghali - Rich on the inside

My father was a big scoundrel
My mother did anything to raise me
Not bad, that kid is gonna make it big
Grown up before the right time

Lacrim - Corleone

We grew up piss poor, as teenagers we only took gold
I did some wrong, I deceived my mother, unexplained love for the automatic riffle
We're here to make it big, we're here to loose it al
I'm just a man among many others

Dire Straits - Tunnel of love

and another girl I dig
Another hustle
just to make it big
And rockaway rockaway

AnnenMayKantereit - The Crocodile

And if you have any questions, ask me
And if you ask me
I think you're gonna make it big
And before I forget

Rio Reiser - King of Germany

every morning I'd first have a glass of champers
I'd be smarter than Schmidt and fatter than Strauß
and my records would make it big
Reinhard Mey would be the king's bard

The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright

The old neighborhood was so alive
And every kid on the whole damn street
Was gonna make it big and not be beat

Kim Larsen - Buy Bananas

When the boy was small he often said
Oh, daddy, I'm gonna make it big
I want to learn something, I want to become someone

Eisbrecher - We are "Rock 'N' Roll"

We're straight ahead,
We aren't true, but we're not genuine,
We make it big

Beginner - Love Song

And if your life appears to be dumb
Do like I do, make like a philosopher, write some lyrics, make it big
You're in love with me, my arrow's struck you

The Rubberbandits - Hey Mister, are you a Hipster or a Hobo?

He smokes cigars and drinks in bars with elderly men
He'll tell you 'bout himself and then he'll tell you again
He moved to the city to make it big
But that only works for people who have talent or skill

Udo Lindenberg - Life

and don't let it go
Grab it with both hands
make it big and strong again
Grab life

NF - Notepad

No never like that
Came a long way never did it for the money
We ever make it big, I'm a give it to the family
Looking back now everything is lookin' funny

DJ Optick - Close the Deal

Then I make it clear, I speak my mind through this
I do it on my own, never needed him
I'll make it big, though I never quit...

Benne - Light in Us

There's a light in us.
Let it shine, make it big!
We'll make the night light up

Kase.O and Violadores del verso - S**t

and that accesible, there I reach my styles up to Frank Sinatra,
I am the empereror, wanna be Clepatra?
I like to make it big and so does she
*tell me you for one and you can be