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Поискал/а предложения за корекция
превод на Английски

Badly (Ch.1: Omen)

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That little broken cristal
I felt how it cracked
Before it fell into the ground
I already knew it has going to break (uh!)
The stair landing light
it's blinking
A voice at the stairs,
somebody crossing the hallway.
Badly (that's it) (like that)
Badly (tra, tra)
Bad, very bad, very bad, very bad, very bad... (look)
Badly (toma que toma) (let's go)
Badly (that's it) (¡'illo!)
Bad, very bad, very bad, very bad, very bad...
Badly (¡uh!)
The night was become eerie
The moon and the stars are out
A gypsy woman told me (what?)
it's better not to go out (no)
I dream of walking
through a waxed bridge (look, look, look, look)
The more I wanna cross it,
the more it staggers and wobbles.
Even when the night
it's not lovely, my Lord!
I'm going out to the street
Earrings gleaming in my hand
Corals in my skin
May they protect me and save me,
Shine light upon me and guard me
And from here on
I'm not gonna waste even one more minute thinking about you again.
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