Marena (Mарена) (превод на Английски)



Cold and shivering, the storm of the universe,
From my heart and blood I call upon you, Marena!
The soul cries, howls carelessly,
Torn apart, like a pack of wolves it tortures itself, Marena!
Pain or fear? I trust again!
Descend to the doomed flesh, Marena!
Blind happiness wriggles in chains.
I have no peace in my life, look, Marena!
Fear seized the mirror of the world,
In the past, I see no road ahead, Marena!
Happiness is like a sword bathed in blood.
Take my soul into the kingdom of death, Marena!
Clouds raging of terrible victory
About the repentance of human souls with me, Marena!
The eternal song of the underworld-
Ballad of death, you sing for me, Marena!
Above the earth God’s fathers
They look at our souls.
And the descendants of the ruler of fate
Under the Rod almighty.
Think of my faith!
Stand up in the face of evil.
Do not let death take you,
You are not a child of a prophet.
Wait, turn around! You are roaming through confusing revelations!
Where is the voice of fate? Do not hide your face obediently.
Heaven condemned you to be punished!
No, do not let your immortal soul be exiled!
Bright eyes long for the dark night
A hateful spirit dreams of the holy days.
Dark horses are carried in pursuit.
Watchful lights dance furiously.
On the day of the equinox, the black sun
longs for the outcome of the madness of doom.
In his dreams of the invasion of light,
The ancestor of hope sends you an ancient guide.
The rain washes the battered desires away
You escape from a pack of dark wolves.
But on the night of cleaning insidious thoughts
Dive into the whirlpool of mysterious dreams again
Eternity is shrouded in darkness
Everlasting (darkness)
Shining Krada, save the light
Save our Mother, holy Rainbow
I sing, dark Mara,
Leave this day,
Go to the forest!
I sing, my dear Life
A song for your magnificent view
Give the oppressed soul rest
Life is with me in vain
I will not let my heart and soul be captivated,
Mara does not dare tempt me!
Rainbow light in an ocean of hope
It’s carrying a previously worn soul, Marena!
Rage is almighty, but we conquer it.
The embodiment of faith that fights with his life, Marena!
The fear of death calls us again
To look back and believe in destiny, Marena!
A man is blind if he fears for life,
But I'm bursting through your veil of death, Marena!
The eternal warrior with a powerless will,
He was born in agony, he sings again, Marena!
Remembering the past, he scoffs;
In the essence of death. Life will never die, Marena!
The persecuted doesn’t know the power of heaven
He stares in darkness and stubborn, he strives into the depth, Marena!
And in the empty, carefree world
In dreams, death will curse reality, Marena!
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Marena (Mарена)

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