Marret Seni مرت سنة (превод на английски)


Marret Seni مرت سنة

معقولة منّك سامع
في دمعة صوتا طالع
وقفت عم بتناديك
عم تندهك خليك
حكيلي اذا مش راجع
حتى ما انطر فيك
مرّت سنة
وأنا يا حبيبي بمكاني
وكأنّو اليوم
بُعدَك عن عيني بكّاني
مستغرب كيف ما نسيتك
يا حبيبي لو ما حكيتك
ما بعرف نام
لا تفكّر يا عمري إني
اذا ليلة غفيت
انا يعني نايم متهنّي
او لحظة نسيت
عم جرّب اضحك على حالي
تقطّع وقت
ما بخبّي عليك يا غالي
عن جد تعبت
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A Year Passed

Could it be actually possible that you can't hear
the seeping sound of a tear
that has halted to call upon you
It is calling you: Stay!
Tell me if you're not coming back
so that I wouldn't wait for you
A year passed
And I'm still frozen in my place
It's as if it's just today
that your separation brought tears to my eyes
It surprises me how I haven't forgotten you
in all those days
Oh darling, If I don't speak to you
I can't sleep
Oh darling, don't you ever think that
if I fell asleep for a night
that I am sleeping in bliss
or that I forgot [you/everything] for a moment.
I'm trying to lie to myself
just to kill time
Oh precious, to be honest with you
I've really grown weary
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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