Marty Robbins - Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada
City of music and laughter, city of lights
Las Vegas, I didn't know I would lose Betty Jo
In the noise of your night
Las Vegas, where is the warmness and kindness
That you used to show?
Las Vegas, you're changing, you're growing so cold
You're so different
It started, Las Vegas, the moment you took Betty Jo
Now in Las Vegas, in one of the largest casinos
Betty Jo dances while music is playing so loud
There's such a strangeness in eyes that I knew
She never sees me, I'm only a face in the crowd
Las Vegas, Nevada
What happens now? I'm completely out of her life
Las Vegas, before you stepped in I had kinda
Made plans to make Betty my wife
Las Vegas, I can't compete with the
Thrill and excitement you show
Completely forgotten by one
I will always remember
Goodbye to Las Vegas
Goodbye to my sweet Betty Jo
Goodbye to Las Vegas
Goodbye to my sweet Betty Jo
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