Marty Robbins - Sixty-Two's Most Promising Fool


Sixty-Two's Most Promising Fool

Day in, day out, you're the one I think about
Can't erase your sweet face from my mind
It's true, so true I'm still in love with only you
Wonder if I ever cross your mind
Every day is Blue Monday to me without you
And the bittersweet memories keep me feelin' blue
Should your world start to tumble and your castle should fall
Reach for me, I won't be far at all
You know it's been a long time now, honey,
since I last saw you, and I guess by now you've gone
a long way toward forgettin' we ever met.
But it's still the same with me. I guess even if
I wanted to, I couldn't forget you.
I think a lot about the night you told me you loved me.
I wonder if you were just acting and if you were,
then you deserve some kind of an award for being
able to act so mean and so cruel.
And if that's true, then don't you think I should be
nominated as 1962's most promising fool?
I remember the night we called it quits.
I knew that our breakup was a-way overdue.
But have you ever found something that you really wanted,
even though you knew you couldn't keep it?
You hated to let go of it. Well that's the way I felt about you.
At the time everything seemed so right but now I know
that it was all wrong. I know that you'll manage to get by without me.
As for me, well, I guess I'll get along.
Should your world start to tumble and your castle should fall
Reach for me I won't be far at all
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