Maslenitsa (Масленица) (превод на Английски)



In a field, in a field
We said goodbye to the winter.
We gave present to the spring.
Throw Marena's chains to the fire!
Red sun, rise up!
Yarilo, warm our houses!
Wake up Rus' out of sleep,
Give powers to young people!
Perun The God, get up,
Take your powerful hammer!
Melt ice in the rivers
That the freeze get away from Rus'!
Hey, maslenitsa - blinitsa
Let have a party!
Hey, Motherland Russia
We are going to marry you with the spring.
In the field, in the field
My (our) brother burnt (effigy) of Mara
And threw sacrifice for Svarozhech
In the holy fire.
We bowed to Gods' effigies
The party will be all night long!
The night is shorter than the day
In this day of solstice.
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An approximate translation.

Now maslenitsa is a feast in the last week before the Great Lent. There is a tradition to eat pancakes all the week long. Before in pagan time it used to be the feast of meeting the spring and of parting with the winter. Paganists used to burn effigies of Mara, Morena and etc (in short godnesses of death). Another name of maslenitsa (from 'maslo' - butter) is blinitsa (from 'blin' - a pancake) because it's most popular to eat pancakes with butter.

Yarilo - god of sun
Perun - god of thunder and lightning
Svarozhich - god of fire

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Maslenitsa (Масленица)