Meiko Kaji - ヤドカリ (Yadokari)


ヤドカリ (Yadokari)

夏のはじめの 長雨に
心細さが ついつのる
けものみたいに 肌をよせ
天井みつめて 吸うたばこ
しょせんやどかり 人生は
やさしけりゃいい 腕の中
秋になる頃 死んだやつ
黒い服着て 落葉道
うすい煙りの 煙突を
泣きもできずに 見あげてる
しょせんやどかり 人生は
宿をなくした 身の哀れ
冬の明方 雪あかり
こんな時には 想い出す
花が折られる 哀れさで
無理に女に なった日を
しょせんやどかり 人生は
いのちひとつも 借りたまま
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Моля, помогнете "ヤドカリ (Yadokari)" да бъде преведена
ScieraSciera    Пон, 29/06/2015 - 21:15

Please don't add the kanji version into the comments field.
I've put the kanji now into the lyrics field and added the romaji as a transliteration to it.
Transliterations should be added by clicking on "add new translation" and then choosing "transliteration" from the list of languages.
And, please always include the original spelling of the title in the title field; I've added it here as well.

And, I see in your profile that you chose some languages that don't exist anymore, e.g. Old English, in your list of languages you speak. You should better correct that.

tonyltonyl    Нед, 07/08/2016 - 16:33

Yeah I know, it's weird. Thanks again. What is also strange that I didn't find it when first looking for a translation.
Though there is no translation for the main problem, what does ヤレホンニサ mean??