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Mel na minha boca (превод на английски)

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Mel na minha boca

Olha a gente tem que conversar
Eu não consigo mais ficar assim
Esse jogo de emoção e sedução
Vai acabar fazendo a gente enlouquecer
Olha a gente tem que decidir
Ou vai em frente ou pára de uma vez
Você fica insinuando que me quer
Depois me diz que não tem nada a ver
Esse jeito de me olhar
Desperta fantasias e me faz sonhar
Gosta de me provocar
Mas tira o corpo fora e me deixa na saudade
Sem você não sei o que fazer
E bota mel na minha boca e me diz que não
E gosta de atiçar o fogo do meu coração
E fica só jogando charme mas na hora h
Sempre arranja uma desculpa e fala que não dá
Não dá, não dá
Sempre arranja uma desculpa e fala que não dá
Публикувано от cph1776cph1776 в(ъв)/на съб., 23/10/2021 - 04:47
превод на английскианглийски
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Honey in my mouth

Look, we have to talk
I can't go on this way anymore
This game of emotion and seduction
It's going to make us go crazy
We have to decide
Either to go ahead or stop once and for all
You insinuate that you want me
Then later you say it makes no sense
That way of looking at me
Arouses fantasies and makes me dream
You like to lead me on
But pull your body away and leave me with longing
Without you I don't know what to do
And you sweet-talk me1 and tell me no
And you like to fan the flames in my heart
And you flirt with me but just in the nick of time2
You always find an excuse and tell me no
"I won't give in, I won't give in"
You always find an excuse and tell me no
  • 1. lit. "put honey in my mouth"
  • 2. "Hora H" = translation of U.S. military term "H-Hour," the hour in which a particular event is planned. In the context of this song, it means the singer is aroused enough for sex.
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Публикувано от cph1776cph1776 в(ъв)/на съб., 23/10/2021 - 23:43
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cph1776cph1776    съб., 23/10/2021 - 23:44

My first translation from Portuguese. Let me know what you think...

GabriHylianGabriHylian    пон., 25/10/2021 - 06:09

Hey there CPH! I don't usually proofread, but as this is your first venture into Portuguese translation I decided I'd take a look. First, let me say that it is pretty good! You got the nuances right and I would never guess this was translated by a non-native Regular smile ("sweet-talk" was spot-on!)

With that said, I have a few suggestions:

1> "Depois me diz que não tem nada a ver > Just after you say you want nothing to do with me"

I feel that "saying he wants nothing with her" adds too much subjective interpretation into the lyrics - in the original he's basically invalidating her perception of his insinuation (It's also possible that you interpreted "Depois me diz" as "Depois de me dizer", different connotations)

1> I believe the closest translation I can think of is: "Then later you say it makes no sense"
I could also go for something like: "Then later you say it's not true" . "Then later you say I'm out of my mind." (That last one works but differs too much).
Whatever the case, I believe they're closest to the original nuance.

2> "Awakens fantasies and makes me dream"

I'd go with "Arouses fantasies" - Awaken is not wrong, but Arouse/Rouse is the word you're looking for "Despertar".
"Makes me dream " - In addition, I suggest to choose "daydream" to imply that it is not "night dreaming" - Well, any English speaker can get the "kind" of dreaming, but it may be crucial for the right nuance in other songs / translations Regular smile

I've never heard of "H-Hour" before, nice! It's just like "zero hour". I do think there is a suitable English translation of "na hora H" too:

3> "In the nick of time"

It isn't used as often for the sex act - but so is "hora H" in Portuguese - it's used for anything done at the very last, most anticipated moment, so I reckon it's an alternative option.

That's it, these are my suggestions, feel free to consider and discuss them or anything else with me, there might even be more options that will improve our vocabulary / translating skills. Again: Nicely done! Regular smile

cph1776cph1776    нед., 24/10/2021 - 03:37

GabrHylan, thank you for the response. I'm surprised this translation came out so well. All done by hand using an online dictionary, not a translator. (Knowing French and Spanish did help though).

I'll take a look at your suggestions. More about "Hora H/H Hour" at and

An aside: I discovered this song back in 1998 or 1999, during the early days of Internet radio station streaming. I'd stream the station (in this case, one from Brazil), connect a cassette recorder and make an uninterrupted recording ("unscoped aircheck") for the length of the tape (usually 30-45 minutes). I would then play the tape later (such as in the car). Occasionally I would find a song that sounded good, even though I didn't understand the language....

GabriHylianGabriHylian    нед., 24/10/2021 - 04:25

What a nice story!! It's amazing to think how far technology has come. And people nowadays take Spotify for granted..
So the song stuck with you through all this time.. that's incredible! This is the power of music. So, have you kept the cassette and eventually found out the name of the song, or some years went by and you've found the song again somehow?

Ps: You shouldn't be surprised, you know two Romance languages, and had the best encouragement possible: you love this song (and the language, I presume) I bet you'll be a pro in Portuguese in no time Regular smile

cph1776cph1776    нед., 24/10/2021 - 05:22

"So, have you kept the cassette and eventually found out the name of the song, or some years went by and you've found the song again somehow?"

The song, among with others, ended up on a "mixtape."
Between 2001-2005 I was replacing each mixtape cassette with a mix-CD. To do that I had to identify songs so I could obtain them. Back then I would do that by digitizing a short WAV/MP3 file of the song, uploading it to a webserver, then posting a link to the appropriate Usenet site (say, for this song, soc.culture.brazil). Nowadays, apps like Shazam and SoundHound will identify nearly every song they hear. Youtube will also identify songs when uploaded.

After some years, I'm revisiting my mix-CD collection. One goal is to find (or make) translations for any non-English songs there. LT has been helpful in that regard.

GabriHylianGabriHylian    пон., 25/10/2021 - 06:25

It's great! The original intention and nuances were accurately conveyed. Congratulations! (and I hope there's many more to come!)

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