Merille lähtevä (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

Setting Sail To Sea

Goodbye darling, goodbye dear
I must now leave my homeland
I have to go now, to roam the seas
And you, i don't know, if i'll ever see
At the bay ship small waits for me
It's my homeland and fellow might be
It's homeland for me and the wind [is] my dear
And the wave [is] my sweetheart or death
Long before many men that sea betrayed
And many eyes of the dear ones [it] left with tears
But don't mourn for me, if i might die
You would lost you beautiful age in vain
When you hear that i'm dead, make a cross at the shore
And my bones brought by the waves, those bury in the sand
And take a small rose and make it grow
Go and visit it during the summer evenings
When the rose beautifully blossoms in summer
It will the picture of my love form before you
Goodbye once more, goodbye friend
It's doesn't help to mourn now, but have to go
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Merille lähtevä

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