Mezarlık (превод на английски)



Ve şehrin şenliğine karşılık
Susar servileriyle mezarlık.
Susar ve hatırlar: - Bu kırık
Aynadaki hazin perişanlık
Sizindir, siz gafil, siz bihaber
İnsanlar bilseydiniz ne bekler
Bir gün açmak için bu çiçekler;
Ölülerin sükûnu çiçekler
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превод на английскианглийски
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And towards the joyance of the city
The graveyard keeps its silence, with cypress trees
Keeps and remembers, in this broken
Mirror, the dreary misery
Yours, you unwary, you inferior
People, its hopeless for you to know
Those flowers are to blossom someday
The flowers of silence of people.
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-This is a poetic translation of a (most likely) poem in Turkish Language, meanings may seem to be coverted. Clauses or the text itself may seem to be incomprehensible. If you don't understand the translation at first look, please read it again. Rest assured there are so many words that have no equivalent into target language, when I catch one, I will annotate it or explain it at the ''Author's comment'' Section. Do not hesitate to ask anything about the poem. Thank you for the collobration.-

Thank you for taking a look at my translation! Stay sharp!

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