Yulia Savicheva - Privet (Привет) (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


Magnet hurts, doesn’t sleep, hinders
To kill, to forget, don’t be, I don’t know
I’m changing you, you, you
For, for, for
Leave, stand still, melt like a mist
Understand, you can’t with lies
To want, to stant this, don’t cry
Hi, I don’t even miss you
Hi, I don’t even notice you
Magnet hurts, and I’m just dying
tock, how are you, tell me
Not a friend, not an enemy, i'm the same me, you're the same
For the answer I’ll come to no (become nothing) and even to
Привет, я даже не скучаю
Привет, тебя не замечаю
Магнит болит, да просто умираю
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Privet (Привет)