Sido - Danke (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


This is your song! And yes, I know, I often said I don't believe, but everyone needs you, yes even I need you. It's time for the two of to talk to each other, or at least that I talk to you. Listen to what I have to say
The last I time I prayed has been long ago, I feel strange. That last time I begged, please take me away from here. But you never showed up. That's why I saw my enemy in you, I'm sorry, forgive me. I have laughed at you, talked bad about you and despised you. I was in rage all the time, you said, so what? That does not interest me. But I have to repent, I know, that won't work. Nothing would be good enough, everything would be too less. I hope you understand me and me praying here is not in vain. And really I do not hope for a worldshaking event. No lurid light, no sign, I don't only want to fight all the time either. Forget the old times, when these lines reach you. Amen.
This is no prayer, I only want to say "Thanks". That you send me an angel on some days. That you show me what life is like, for your trust I thank you too. Thanks that you believe in me. That is no key to heaven, I only want to say "Thanks". That you show me that there's no need for fear. That you show me what life is like. Please keep a place for me in the eternity.
Thanks for your goodness, I'm not worth it. What am I and not you worshipped like a star. I know that without you I would not be where I am now. So do what you want to do with me, don't spare me. Everything has a reason, everything has two sides. Everything happens because it should. I mean, look at me. I was at the bottom, I was the last person in the world. But only that I could appreciate my new life. I got my son back, I am healthy and Mama too. I feel like in my mother's womb, being in a bad mood looks different. It should stay this way, I don't want to fight with you anymore. I am a good person, when these lines reach you. Amen.
When there are problems, you appear and take hold of them. Thanks for your help but now go and help the others. I will go on on my own if it needs to be, I will run. I will manage it. Get los, come on, the world needs you! (Get lost!) Because for far too many people the winter in endless. The nice son of the neighbors has a small child caged up. In the Middle East nothing new, the West is not better either. Father abuses the sister, brothers goes and steals a knife. Everywhere only hatered, hunger and boredom. Mama is selling herself for the family all night. You have to act, do something against it. Save their lives, give them your blessing. Don't just watch, act like you did in my case. You have to pull the reigns - that's what they expect from you. I have hear them loudly, they want to fight with you. Take care of them, so that even their lines reach you. Amen.
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