Nygammal vals (превод на Английски)


New-Old Waltz

A long time ago there were
A swineherd, quite a hip man
And a princess – she was a proud maid
One day they met and he came forward to her, saying:
"Holy mackerel, you seem like a mighty fine missy
Look at that frock, how posh it is
I guess you're on your way to a fancy dress party?"
"Hook it, you're just some countryman
I'm a princess, fairly prim
My name is Kunigunda, the King's darling"
"You, slow down, stay cool
Listen to me as I bang my pot like a drum"
Digga digga pop…
"Blimey-o-riley, have you really just played such an exquisite tune?
If only you teach me how to bang this drum you'll get to kiss my mouth"
"All girls have mouths, how about saying thank you with a coin?
I drink from the river, I feast on rubbish
But if a man's got a coin in his pocket, he can rest easy"
"You're so cheeky, you won't get any gold
But I want to bang your pot like a drum"
Digga digga pop…
"Holy smoke, good grief, you lady take two steps at a time
What on Earth do you see in it? There are so many pots"
"This pot here sounds lovely, it sounds swell, it's got a queer sound
Let's make a deal, take it or leave it
I'll be a hip swineherd, you'll be the King's darling"
"Me as a princess? I guess it's a hip thing to do
Take my drumming, take my pot"
He, as a princess, a hip man wearing earrings
Was thrown out of the court by a guard
She, as a swineherd, a prim lady wearing a tie
Drove all people crazy playing the pot
Trading one's pot can be a fatal thing to do
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Nygammal vals

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