O Trem Fantasma (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

The Ghost Train

Four hundred Cruzeiros*
Old men are buying in fear
From the hands of the clerk
The ghost train tickets
He and his girlfriend
He has nothing in mind
She gets scared
Four hundred Cruzeiros
Of power are dragging
The guy and the girl to
The spot in bright cinemascope
The huge pile of green generals
Appears in the distance
The train in the shining mirror
From the first kiss
The mirror blasts
Four hundred Cruzeiros
Four hundred batpower
The kiss, the guy and the girl
The train underwater
The still swimming pool
She has nothing in mind
He thinks and says nothing
Where there's so much water all is happy
The first kiss
Four hundred Cruzeiros
Zé 40 HP's of emotion
Zé do Caixão**
Fetches the animals of creation
Up to the gate and
The session is closed.
Four hundred Cruzeiros
Old men buy with fear
He and his girlfriend
She has nothing in mind
He thinks in secret
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*Cruzeiros was the Brazilian currency back in the day (1968)
**Zé do Caixão (Coffin Joe) is a Brazilian filmmaker, actor, composer, screenwriter, and television and media personality.

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