Ocean Side (превод на Английски)


Ocean Side

銀色に 光る翼が
ガラス越し 胸の中 Reflex
Have a nice 口笛
Your mind ときめくメロディ
去年よく 夕闇の中 Twilight time
「Aqua City」 聴きながら Driving, feel so fine
A few to the time 淋しく
All the time ひとりでみてた
Fly me to the blue 夏のフレーム
心まで Ocean side
今 雲の上 そう歩いている気分 So anymore
ホライズン 創るすき間に Shining eyes
姿消す あなたはSunset Still believe
All the time 渚で
Your mind 静かに待つわ
白いChair 引き寄せた時
私まで Ocean side
今 気づいたの 言葉じゃなくて 愛のemotion
Fly me to the blue
Fly me to the blue
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превод на Английски

Ocean Side

Silver sparkling wings are
Crossing the glass; A reflex in your heart
A tightly gripped ticket
The south wind beckons
Have a nice whistle
Your mind, a fluttering melody
Last year's desires in the dusk, Twilight time
Driving while listening to "Aqua City", feel so fine
Spending a weekend with friends,
You're heading to the sea
A few to the time, lonely
All the time, Trying it out solo
Fly me to the blue, Summer flame
As far as my heart, Ocean side
Now, on top of the clouds, The feeling of walking just like this, so anymore
Shining eyes in the crevice made by the horizon
You're a disappearing sunset, still believe
Even the receding waves
Return to the bay again
All the time at the water's edge
Your mind is quietly waiting!
When you pulled that white chair
Toward me, ocean side
I immediately realized it wasn't just words, it was the emotion of love
Fly me to the blue
Fly me to the blue
Happy to take requests for Japanese music in particular :)
Пуснато от sansansoni в Пет, 19/10/2018 - 07:02
Добавен превод, изпълнявайки заявка, направена от Donnie Brasco
Momoko Kikuchi: Топ 3
See also
Donnie Brasco    Втр, 23/10/2018 - 19:18

Thank you so much Ms.bispurious!. I am a little surprised that someone respond and fulfill the request this fast. I love this singer Momoko Kikuchi too much. So I really appreciate that.

This is a video of her singing it live of you interested:

sansansoni    Срд, 24/10/2018 - 13:31

Thanks for sending the video! I really like her music and a lot of Japanese breezy pop like this from the same time period. Always happy to translate other stuff.