Oi, pechal'-toska (Ой, печаль-тоска) (превод на Английски)


Oi, pechal'-toska (Ой, печаль-тоска)

Ой, печаль-тоска, ой, кручинушка,
Как с тобою я, да обвенчана.
Да обвенчана с горькою судьбой.
Не дает любовь обрести покой.
Боль глубокая – не достать до дна
У любви моей молода жена
Где стоит роса, там легла слеза
Пала на землю русая коса
Падал рушничок, что дарила мать.
Уж не суждено мне женою стать.
Стоя на холме, я прошу тебя:
Унеси меня, река мутная!
Вновь сдавило грудь страшной силою.
Затянул Стрибог песнь унылую.
Сердце дрогнуло, болью ранило,
Тело бренное в воду кануло.
А во той реке не сносить на дне
Душу родову, что живет во мне.
Ой, печаль-тоска, ой, кручинушка,
Как с тобою я, да обвенчана.
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Oh, Anguish-Sadness

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Oh, anguish-sadness, oh sorrow
I'm married to you
I'm married to bitter fate
My love doesn't allow me to abate (the pain)
My pain is deep - you can't get the bottom (end) of it
My lover got married with an young girl
Dew turned to my tears
My dark blond plait fell on the ground
Rushnik that my mother presented to me fell down
I will never be able to become a wife
I'm standing on a hill and asking you -
Turbid river, take me (to drown)!
Again it seems that my chest is very small for my heart
Stribog started to sing a sad song
My heart shaked, felt the pain
My mortal body fell to the water.
In this river my Rod's soul
That live inside of me can't stand on bottom (rapid current)
Oh, anguish-sadness, oh sorrow
I'm married to you
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Коментари на автора:

I'm married to you - I'll be with you forever
Rushnik - a decorative towel, a symbol of invisible connection among the members of one family. She trew his rushnik away - it means that she leaves her family

Stribog - god of winds
Rod - the main god in Slavic mythology, in Russian 'rod' means folk or family, according to paganists Slavic folk was made by Rod

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