Oi Va Voi - Big Brother


Big Brother

These are the clothes that my big brother wore
And his elder brother and his brother before
These are the short pants which reach to the floor
For I'm much much shorter than the brother before
This is the hat that he no longer wears
For he has big brothers and now he wears theirs
And the socks I put on are in non-matching pairs
And the jumpers have sleeves full of patches and tears
Yes, this is the sole of my brother's shoe
His big brother wore it and his brother too
And my mum said "My girl, I shall give it to you
It's an honour to walk in your big brother's shoe"
These are the clothes that no rag man would buy
With holes that have holes through which seagulls could fly
But I wear them and wish it was not always I
Who's the youngest young sister and the smallest small fry
The smallest small fry
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