Oppklaring (превод на Английски)

Поискал/а предложения за корекция
превод на Английски

Clearing up

Gone on for so long, is this what I wanted?
Tired of my habits, everything around me stands still
I don't feel like myself anymore
I've gone out with a bang
Do you remember when we were so spontaneous?
Now every day takes the same path
A room without windows, I can't win
I'm walking blindly
I need excitement, I need change
The thought is good, but I'm looking for action
You think everything will be fine again if I only try
But I want a new maneuver
Always seeing something bad in good things
But where do my expectations come from?
And where is the limit to becoming egotistic?
I understand what's most important
It becomes too much when you get too little
And I believe too much without knowing
Let me see another world, find what I'm missing
Let me fly so high that I never land
Пуснато от mckennarayemckennaraye в Пон, 25/09/2017 - 20:33
Авторът на този превод е поискал "Предложения за корекция".
Това означава, че той/тя ще се радва да получи корекции, предложения и т.н. относно превода.
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