Остров Сирен (Ostrov Siren) (превод на английски)

  • Изпълнител/група: Krematoriy (Крематорий)
  • Песен: Остров Сирен (Ostrov Siren) 2 превода
  • Преводи: английски #1, #2
превод на английскианглийски (еквиритмичен)

The Island of Syrens

Версии: #1#2
That's my isle of dreams with high crystal ramparts,
Between alpha and beta inside Syrens are howling
To fifes and a timbrel, to cold frothy beer
[With] voices so sweet which warm our souls.
Their faces are like young childrens' face but with elderly gazes,
And their hearts're like a large splash pool but filled with foul stenches.
I'd grind them to dust, I would roll them into joints,
But who's going to smoke such sickening shit?
But who has sailed to this island's shores, he will never come back home,
And someone's crying, seeing the Cross, and someone is laughing.
But there's no death without love, and without death there's no love.
Beast, get out of my way!
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Остров Сирен (Ostrov Siren)

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