Meie aknad (превод на Английски)


Meie aknad

Meie aknad on tihedalt suletud,
tolm lademeis laiutab maas.
Nii jääb, tuul klaase vaid piitsutab.
Küll tahaks, kuid sisse ei saa, sisse ei saa, sisse ei saa...
Küll tormaks ta ringi neis tubades,
rebiks raamatuid riiuli pealt,
raiuks lahti neid elama sundides
kaanest kaaneni ja rida-realt, ja rida-realt, ja rida-realt...
Haaraks raevunult tolmunud klaveri,
andku alla või mängigu siis.
Lõtvund keeled nii viimase pingeni.
Las kaebleb, saab magusaks piin, magusaks piin, magusaks piin...
Leiaks jõudu, küll roomaks siis aknani.
Saaks aru, küll jõuaks siis veel
anda tormile varju ja kõhkledki.
Tee ometi midagi, tee, midagi tee, midagi tee...
Meie silmad nii tihedalt suletud,
rähm ripsmeile kleepunud,
vaid väljas tuul abitult piitsutab,
kuid sees on ta vaikinud, on vaikinud, on vaikinud...
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превод на Английски

Our Windows

Our windows are tightly closed,
dust lies thickly on the ground.
It stays so, just the wind whips the glasses,
it would like to but it won't get it, won't get in, won't get in...
It would like to rush around in these rooms,
to tear books down from shelves,
to chop them open, forcing them to live
from cover to cover and line by line and line by line and line by line...
In frenzy, it would take hold of the dusty piano,1
it should give up or play instead.
The strings have been loosened till the last tension.
Let it wail, the pain will get sweet, pain - sweet, pain - sweet...
If I found the strength, I'd crawl to the window.2
If I understood, I'd have the strength
to give shelter to the storm and you hesitate.
Do something, I beg, do something, do something...
Our eyes are closed so tightly,
gound3 has stuck to the lashes.
Just the wind is whipping helplessly outside
but inside it4 has fallen silent, fallen silent, fallen silent...
  • 1. At this point, the character in action might be "I" or "you": "I would snatch the piano"
  • 2. The "I" here and later is guesswork but is seems logical
  • 3. that thick stuff that comes out of the eye
  • 4. the wind
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